The Leadership Institute connects students to many exciting programs, events and opportunities that will help members make the most of their college experience.  Through the Institute, students will be introduced to successful alumni and community leaders who will provide guidance, mentorship and opportunities that will offer students insights about the best pathways for success in their majors, careers, and life paths.

Throughout the year, there is a vast array of Institute affiliated programming offered, giving students the ability to easily complete the requirement of participating in a minimum of five leadership activities each semester. Most students will participate in and benefit from many more of these opportunities.

Office Location: We are located at 311 Cooper Street.

Leadership Institute Benefits

  • Academic and career mentoring
  • Leadership skill building
  • Connections to prominent alumni through programming and mentorships
  • Guided connections to major-specific programming on and off campus
  • Special invitations to guest speakers, lecturers, artists, writers, etc.
  • Guided connections to experiential learning opportunities such as internships, international study trips, community outreach projects, etc.
  • Campus and community engagement through participation in various campus activities
  • Obtaining leadership roles on campus
  • And more…