During the initial review of the application for admission, first year and transfer students who have been active members of their school or local community by exhibiting a commitment to school or community activities, organizations, community service projects, work and/or leadership experiences, may be invited by postal mail to participate in the Leadership Institute.

There is no additional application required to be considered for the Rutgers Camden Leadership Institute. First year and transfer students who apply to Rutgers–Camden’s School of Business, College of Arts and Science, or School of Nursing, and who complete their admission application by the designated deadlines will be considered. Students who fall within the Institute’s academic parameters (and credit hours for transfer students) will be identified and selected for review by the selection committee. The committee will make final selections based on a holistic review that includes academic achievement, level of course work, grade trend, test scores (first year students), credit hours (transfer students), and commitment to school and/or community activities, organizations, work and/or leadership experiences.

To accept the invitation to participate in the Leadership Institute, go to the Your Rutgers Status screen at admissions.rutgers.edu/status and indicate your intention to enroll in your school of choice at Rutgers University – Camden. Accepting your offer of admission by June 1, 2018 will automatically confirm your participation in the Institute.  After June 1, 2018 participation in the Institute is not guaranteed and will be open only if space remains available. 

Rising Sophomores 

Currently enrolled students who have not been invited to join the Leadership Institute at the time of their acceptance to Rutgers University-Camden may apply for admission by completing the form below.  The Leadership Institute staff will review the application, and may also request an interview.   The deadline for student applications is March 1 for admission the following fall.  Freshmen and Sophomores may apply, as well as any transfer student with fewer than 60 credits.  Current students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply.

The application form should be completed as fully as possible.  Email any questions or comments to be99@camden.rutgers.edu