The Leadership Institute was privileged to have Mr. Mike D’Italia kick off the Fall 2017 semester with a dynamic conversation with our students. Mike led the students in a discussion about who students want to be, instead of what they want to be. Sometimes, it becomes too easy to identify as the profession that one does. 

Mike also helped our students to realize all of us are a part of an interconnected community, and the students were able to envision their own opportunities to be a part of Camden’s transformation. 


To close, Mike left our students with a powerful message: The investment you make in others is also an investment in yourself. Some of our students reflected upon the luncheon by saying that they now realize how much harder they will need to work each day to achieve their own personal goals. Others described how they gained a new perspective on how important relationships and other people will be to them during and after college. 

We thank Mike for his time and dedication to our students!