Beginning in the Fall 2017 semester, both the Camden College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) and the School of Business- Camden (SBC) will be offering a brand new interdisciplinary minor in Leadership Studies. The Leadership Studies minor will offer students the opportunity to explore the theories, skill sets, and modern approaches to leadership in various fields of study.

The Leadership Studies minor allows undergraduate students to study leadership concepts and acquire leadership skills, earn engaged civic learning credits, and even pursue upper level leadership coursework in their major fields of study. It is an example of the kind of university-wide curricula that inter-school cooperation can produce. 

This minor will be a signal addition to students’ transcripts as job markets and graduate school selections become increasingly more competitive. At the Chancellor’s recent Raptor Impact Retreat, the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) revealed that in a survey of over 400 major hiring bodies, 80% of those interviewed listed “leadership” as the top skill they look for in new hires. 

The Leadership Institute will host an informational luncheon about the Leadership Studies minor on Wednesday, April 19, during the free period in Room CS-109, located at 319 Cooper Street. The luncheon will be led by the Leadership Studies committee: Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Dr. David Dwertmann, Dr. Rick Demirjian, and Professor Zachary Wood.