The Leadership Institute welcomed Mr. George Rears for our third installment of Lunch with Leaders for the Spring 2017 semester. Mr. Rears works as the Vice President of Technology Solutions at AH – Association Headquarters, and previously served on Rutgers University’s Board of Trustees. During the lunch, Mr. Rears led a wonderful discussion about the importance of striking an appropriate balance between work and life obligations, and answered students’ questions about the hiring process. Students were able to directly ask about what employers are looking for, and what should applicants be mindful of. Mr. Rears was also able to propose that students should consider treating any interview as their own interview of the company they’ve applied to, and not just a chance to have a job.

Mr. Rears also spoke in great detail about the importance of managing and maintaining one’s public image. Students learned about the ways in which employers view social media and online information during the hiring process, and how students can craft their public profiles to their own benefit. 

We would like to thank Mr. Rears for dedicating his time and insights to our students! We hope to foster even more of these platforms in the future.