Mrs. Jennie Owens, an associate of Family Law at Archer Grainer, Dr. Rick Demirjian, and our attending Leadership Institute students

On Tuesday, February 21st, The Leadership Institute at Rutgers University – Camden sponsored a full day of direct mentoring and networking for all of our students. The day began with an installment of our Lunch with Leaders series, which featured Rutgers-Camden alum Jennie Owens. During the luncheon, Mrs. Owens reinforced the importance of diversifying students’ resumes and increasing on-campus involvement. Perhaps most powerful was Mrs. Owens’ message about persistence when seeking employment and academic success. Several students left the room with brand new perspectives on their own potential while completing their undergraduate degrees. We thank Mrs. Owens for dedicating her time and expertise to our Leadership Institute students!

Amy Furlong, Gerogia Gallicchio, Tracie Mattison, Dr. Wanda Ronner, Ellen Marshall, and Dean Kristie Lindenmeyer
Dr. Wanda Ronner speaks to students about her paths to her current career with Penn Medicine
Tracie Mattison and Ellen Marshall compare notes on their experiences









The second half of the day featured the inaugural Women Leaders Networking Roundtable event. Over forty students attended and were able to directly speak with our esteemed guests. We must thank Dr. Wanda Ronner of Penn Medicine, Tracie Mattison of Merck & Co., Gerogia Gallicchio of Thayer Distribution, Amy Furlong of ERT, and Ellen Marshall who currently works as a consultant, for dedicating their time and expertise to the students of the Leadership Institute and various other offices such as the Honors College, the Business Leaders Development Program, the Civic Scholars, and the EOF Program. 

Tracie Mattison informs students about the importance of obtaining a personal mentor and advocate

During the roundtable, students were not only able to ask questions to practicing experts, but they were also able to build professional networks and obtain references. Some of the conversations focused on the necessity for obtaining an active mentor and advocate while completing college. All guests and students were invited to a reception following the roundtable sessions in order to continue any conversations which may have been cut short as the students moved from each table.

Amy Furlong discusses her experiences during her collegiate career
Georgia Gallicchio answers questions from students seeking advice
Ellen Marshall discusses the importance of organizational knowledge with Leadership Institute students

We are very happy to hear that several students have been able to follow up with our guests outside of Rutgers-Camden in order to inquire about career advice, graduate school, and next steps for their interests. We are looking forward to continuing to foster these types of connections for our students for semesters yet to come. The Leadership Institute is always encouraging students to seek learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and to expand their interpersonal skill sets.