On Wednesday, November 11, The Leadership Institute of Rutgers University – Camden held a Political Bloggers Panel featuring 5 prominent voices in South Jersey’s Blogosphere. Panelists included Matt Rooney, Jay Lassiter, Kevin Riordan, Vida Neil, and Dr. Stephen Danley. The discussion focused on the panelists’ experiences in blogging by way of personal blogs, social media, or extensions of regional newspapers. A spectacular summary of the evening can be found here, written by Kevin Riordan on

Our Leadership Institute students, in addition to the panelists, left the evening feeling empowered and inspired. “I greatly underestimated how interested I was going to be in the political bloggers panel”, said Anthony Guzman, a freshman in the Rutgers-Camden School of Business. “I learned about how I can actually make a difference, and I’m glad I attended the panel”. 

“I learned the benefits of blogging by attending this event, and how in order to be a leader, you need to get out of your comfort zone and fight for what you believe in”, noted Sunil Maheshwari, also a freshman in the Rutgers-Camden School of Business.

In terms of having a say in community endeavors, Allison Rodriguez, who is a Childhood Studies major, says she learned how influential she could be with social media. “Especially with social media, we can have our say in the community and we should be a voice for the things that go unseen”. 

“We need more young bloggers because we need people to inform, challenge, and lead our generation in political situations”, said Jason Rabinowitz, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

The Leadership Institute thanks the panelists for their participation and dedication to our students and campus community.